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If it has the exhilaration of combat without any injuries or (severe) pain, then it will be the most exciting game to play. That is why there is no wonder why paintball has exploded in popularity in the last few years and continues to grow daily. Paintball is such a game that simulates military combat and it was introduced in the early 1980s. In the last two decades, the game has dramatically gained in popularity and now tens of thousands of people from across the world are taking part in paintball games every year. As the number of paintball fans is increasing, accordingly there is a genuine need for high quality paintball gear and paintball accessories. In this article, we try to educate the reader on the relevance and availability of paintball accessories along with other aspects relating to paintball gear.

To begin with, paintball accessories range from the paintball guns (markers) and protective gear to paintball clothing and paintballs. In fact, the list is much longer as look-alikes of every new gadget used by the army are hitting the market with every passing day.

Paintball Gun Accessories

Paintball gun accessories or paintball marker accessories include models of all the latest guns used by the army - sniper rifles, laser scopes, pistols, bunkers, gun barrels, pods and other components required to fire a shot. The choice of guns and gun accessories are so plenty and varied that virtually all gun types from entry level ones such as Spyder and Tippmann to even several thousand dollar fully automatic electronic paintball guns are available for sale. They can be bought in packages or as individual pieces. If bought separately one has more control of the pieces acquired, but you are usually forces to shell out more per piece for each paintball accessory.

Paintball Protective Gear

Now you have a paintball gun and paintballs to shoot, but now let's think about them firing paintballs at you. There will be paintballs fired at you at about 200 miles per hours and the odds are many will be right towards your face. The absolutely MUST have piece of gear is the facemask (also called goggles). Most fields will not only kick you out of any field area but many will ban your for life if you are caught without your facemask on at all time. Even though paintball is a relatively safe game there still lays a possibility of injuries happening to you, especially if the paintball hits some soft or unprotected part of your body. In other words, paintball safety gear is not for looks; it is for your safety and it absolutely required while playing any game.

Other common paintball accessories and gear include paintball caps, shirts, gloves, shoes, vests, jackets, head-wraps and air-systems such as propane, co2 tanks and Nitrogen systems. Also available are paintball videos and paintball books.


Paintball accessories and paintball gear can be bought from discount online paintball stores or from a local paintball shop. Reviews show that there are some reliable online stores selling paintball items at very reasonable and even cheap prices. But, from a customer point of view, it is always advisable to compare the pricing by various stores before making the final purchase. Good luck and enjoy the wonderful game of paintball!

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