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In every battle, the success of a soldier greatly depends on the type of gun he carries. The same logic can be said to apply to paintball battles. Given the similarities of the two activities, it would be appear that statement hold true. This article discusses paintball markers, marker types, paintball tips and more.

Paintball Markers – Buy or Rent?

Paintball players are faced with two options: either rent a “rental” paintball marker at the field or buy their very own marker. Of course the cost and benefits of the latter option are significantly more than renting a paintball gun. If one is an occasional player, then renting could be a very cost effective and tolerable option. The gun quality is much lower and the consistency cannot be depended on, but the price is nice. Most fields have several options for renting guns by the day, hour or game. However, if you plan on playing more than a few times in your life, then it can not only be more cost effective but also much more gratifying to buy you own marker.

Paintball markers prices vary drastically, from sub $200 for an entry level gun like the Tippmann Paintball Marker or Spyder Paintball Marker, to as high as $2, 000 or more for a fully automatic tournament style marker like the Angel Paintball gun. But, as mentioned earlier, if you plan to play paintball in a regular basis, then it is prudent to go for your own gun. You can also find many packages that are cheap when compared to paying for individual pieces. Now let's discuss what to consider when purchasing a paintball marker.

The choice of paintball markers must be based on one's personal style, economical situation and ego. That is, first, the player should decide on which type of a gun he/she really wants. Paintball markers of different varieties and sophistications are available in the market and hence choices are plentiful. The first choice is whether the gun must be a basic pump action one, semi-automatic marker or fully automatic electronic gun.

As a rule of thumb, go for paintball markers that are light weight and sturdy. Aluminum markers are far better than plastic in terms of durability and reliability. Propane is superior to nitrogen/compressed air which is superior to Co2 tanks which are superior to cartridges. Also, it would be prudent to shop for markers that may not need many upgrades to improve its performance along with the attributes that it can be easy to clean and maintain. Usually it is safe bet to get the most paintball you can financially afford without putting a stretch on your budget.

At the end of the day, every player must have a paintball marker that he/she can depend upon, while in the field whether laying cover fire or dodging the opponent's deluge of paintballs and grenades. Hence, it is advisable to go through some reliable reviews that talks in length about the best and most reliable models. It is also very helpful to speak to seasoned paintballers at your local field. Experts in the game may be able to help you with useful purchasing and playing tips. Finally, make sure that you see at least a couple of shops and some internet stores for the best rates before eventually buying our brand new paintball marker.

Now go get them!

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