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Paintball has all the thrill and excitement of combat but none (if you are safe) of the injury and pain. That is why the game of paintball has exploded in popularity in the past few years. And as it continues its popularity growth, the activity involves more and more strategic planning, team effort, and rigorous training. This article discusses in length about one of the mainstay paintball guns (paintball markers) of all time: the Tippmann Paintball Gun, which is one of the most popular guns amongst the masses of paintballers across the world.

Tippmann Paintball Guns, Gear and Accessories

Tippmann Paintball Guns are widely known for their very popular entry level guns like the Custom 98 (which has recently replaced their bread and butter Model 98). The Custom 98 is designed for the entry level player but is easily customizable with a large variety of upgrades so the gun can improve as the player does. Tippmann has also just introduced the new paintball marker to their product line which is powered by propane, the C-3. The conventional or earlier models of Tippmann use co2 tanks, but as everyone can attest to they empty very quickly which is where the new propane paintball guns blows the older guns away! They are rumored to get over 25,000 shots from one $3 bottle of propane. Not to mention, propane is much cheaper than co2 and is as consistent as Nitrogen or compressed air.

In economic terms, paintball accessories, paintball guns and paintball gear can be considered a little only costly side. But, then again isn't any gear for a fun sport. If you want to own a complete set of ammunition, guns and protective gears, you may have to shell several hundred dollars in your local paintball store. Remember cheap paintball gear can be found online from discount resellers for much less for the same gear. The lower priced Tippmann Paintball Gun easily falls with the budget of most casual paintballers that have a real interest in the game. You can expect prices starting below $200, but there are also some high level Tippmann Markers with more sophistication and hence more cost.

Most paintballers will decide that they stock gun just isn't good enough after a few games. This is gun envy. This is where the additional upgrades and add-ons come into the picture. Tippmann is known for the ease in which its guns can but upgraded from entry level to a professional quality marker. Some of the common Tippmann Paintball Gun accessory and upgrade items include low-pressure kits, barrel adapters, rear cocking systems, remote lines, universal parts kits and electronic upgrade kits. There are also a wife array of miscellaneous items such as tanks with various capacities, regulators, camouflage graphics kit and grenades which would come handy in any combat game.

From a player's point of view, before hitting any local paintball store to purchase what they have in stock, it is advisable to go through several reviews that detail the features, advantages and disadvantages of various models in order to match you with the correct the level gun for your skill level. Experts of the game are usually willing to help you with useful tips and recommendations. Also, make sure that you visit at least a couple of shops and some internet stores for the best rates before buying a Tippmann Paintball Gun, accessory or gear.

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